Situated on the terrace, this room features a mamouni pergola surrounded by bougainvillea, olive, and Florida liana that creates a private terrace where you can enjoy an intimate breakfast, snack on local specialties, or delight in a romantic dinner.

Room amenities

Did you know? The Mellah Neighborhood

Under the Almohavid and Almohad dynasties, the Jewish population was not able to live within the city of Marrakesh, and Jews had to leave the city’s walls before nightfall. This ban was lifted with the Saâdians, so the Jews who were chased out of Spain were able to build an important Jewish community in the Mouassine Neighborhood. The Mellah Jewish Quarter of Marrakesh was only founded in 1557 by the Sultan Moulay Abd Allah Al Ghalib Billah. It jutted up against the Kasbah and the Royal Palace and extended across the area of the neighborhood that is known today as “Hay Salam.” Toward the end of the 19th century, it extended all the way to the Bahia Palace.