This room, located on the terrace, can be reached by skirting past the gardens filled with flowering bougainvilleas. The room features a traditional veranda with mashrabiya and its ingenious shutters will keep the room cool in any season. Guests will love the private, yet spectacular view of the Riad patio.

Room amenities

Did you know? Bab Lâarissa

Constructed at the end of the 17th century near the Bab Doukkala, Bab Lâarissa is a recently renovated ceremonial building of which only a bay remains. Formerly known as “Bab-ar-Rahà”, it was renamed the “Bride’s Door” for reasons that remain unclear. The street leading away from it heads directly for the “Riad Lâarouss” neighborhood, whose name comes from “Riyad al ‘Arùs” meaning the “Groom’s Garden” in English. In our Riad in Marrakesh, even if the Bab Lâarissa room isn’t a bridal suite, the name would have been perfect since “Al Arà’is” can be translated as “young honeymooners.”