Located on the second floor between the two patios, the Aylen is a single room that could accommodate two who don’t mind sharing very close quarters! The deep green of the walls creates a sharp contrast with the dazzling gold of the Tadelakt in the bathroom, making this cozy room a unique refuge which will be sure to charm its guests. Very attractive price.

Room amenities

Did you know? Bab Aylen

Built in 1127, Bab Aylen is famous as one of the historical entries into the Old City of Marrakesh. Built at the same time as the ramparts constructed by the Almoravids, its purpose was to secure access to the city and reinforce the defenses of Marrakesh against the threats from the Berber tribes of the High Atlas mountains. Famous ever since the “Al-Bahira” defeat suffered by the Almohads at the hands of the Almoravids in 1130, Bab Aylen gets its name from a Berber tribe known as the Haylàna.