This Moorish suite could have come right out of 1,001 Nights, but it’s been decked out for your total comfort. You’ll be enamored with the sculpted ceiling, the mezzanine and the high-design living room. This is undoubtedly the most beautiful room in our guest house.

Suite amenities

Did you know? Yakout

This gate is situated between Bab Tarzout and Bab Doukkala in the Old City of Marrakesh, and the name of Bab Yakout comes from the female name that in Arabic means Hyacinth. But this is not the glorious flowering bulb that is so well known by gardeners. No, this hyacinth is the same as a precious stone. The word comes from Huakinthos, and from Greek, it passed into Syrian Arabic. The consequence of the word passing into Arabic was that it not only affected its pronunciation, but it also brought about an evolution in its meaning. In Syria, it referred in fact to the emerald or to the aquamarine. This reference to the precious stone is why the word was adopted as a girl’s name, and that’s why it was chosen as the name for one of the suites in our charming Riad in Marrakesh.