This is a beautiful room with two cast iron beds, and simple and warm decor featuring diverse and antique pieces found in the markets of Marrakesh. Its traditional checkered carpets and painted woodwork (zouak) share the same harmonious color scheme that honors the beauty of the Red City of Marrakesh.

Room amenities

Did you know? Bab Doukkala

Located along the northwest wall of the Old City, Bab Doukkala owes its name to the Dokkala Berbers whose territory extended from the opening of the gate, ranging from the mountains north of Marrakesh all the way to the Atlantic Coast. This access gate to the Old City of Marrakesh opened in the 18th century, and it features the unique architecture of the Almohad-era fortress. The gate features an additional archway and open space, and its silhouette reminds the visitor of the famous diverted “Setwan” entryway that characterizes every Riad in Marrakesh.